Trip to Llano Quemado & Taos

This past October we were summoned by a friend to visit him at his place in Llano Quemado (just south of Taos) before he put it up for rent. Up we scurried for a two night stay.

The weather was perfect, the company was like family, and the home—which I have been very lucky to visit now and again since about 1984—was as lovely as ever. The main house is about 200 years old, all adobe with massive vigas and ancient latillas. It comes with a small orchard, is set back from the road and quiet, and the views are:

back view, Llano Quemado home

I didn’t photograph every room (not sure why not) but here are a few shots of the dining room, the kitchen, and windows. The homeowner, our friend Jim, worked all summer on the house and grounds, including a complete re-mudding of interior walls and some of the outers. Jim collects a special white micaceous clay, “tierra blanca,” for the interior walls, and applies it using the fuzzy side of a small piece of sheep skin. Old skool. The reddish exterior is tierra something-else that sounds like “vietta.” Casita interior same.

(Sunrise shots by Andrew, the early bird of the family.)

The Casita sits next to the home. It’s always been “mine” during visits. Words can’t really express how special the entire place, including the Casita, is. I’d want to rent it myself if I had it in me to move north.

Anyone who’s interested in making this place home (temporarily at least) should contact Betty Sanger at Crossroads Realty & Management: 575-751-7639.

Here are a few more shots sent in by Jim after he saw this post. Several of the view out the back, in different seasons, really incredible.

We had a lot of fun traipsing around Taos. My request to visit the Taos Morada led us to the Mabel Dodge Luhan house, which I am sure I’d never seen before except in pictures or paintings. Strangely enough we were able to walk around the property and no one yelled at us to get out. Didn’t see any inhabitants, not even at the birdhouses, but the property is evidently open to lodgers, and check out the list of retreats that are available in 2017.

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