Local Links & Posts

Just a few links of our favorite places, to get us started…
Visitor Information – on T or C and other towns, lodging, restaurants, etc
Passion Pie Cafe – coffee shop and bakery
Truth or Consequences Brewing Co. – beer
Dust – cutest handmade stuff next to Passion Pie
Fire Water Lodge – across the street from our shop
Blackstone Hotsprings – lodge & soak in comfy rooms themed after popular tv shows from the past
More Downtown Hot Springs

downtown Truth or Consequences December 17, 2018

Loretta cruising past the Red Pelican

Local / Regional Posts

Perp on the Loose

holiday window downtown Truth or Consequences

2018 Christmas Story: Santa robbed in a window on Broadway. Loses sleigh, presents, pants.

Toys Are and Aren’t Us

sporty troll doll

An annotated version of this post was written for Google My Business.

Frame Your Vintage Comic Books

framed vintage comic book

Superman, framed for Blackstone Hotsprings.

Adam Sturch, Seba Gallery, and then some

art work by Adam Sturch

We 1) won an original artwork from Seba Gallery 2) have materials for Leo Neufeld’s workshop 3) pronounce things correctly sometimes

Old Fashioned Christmas 2015

Blaizin’ Sun Creations will join us again for the Old-Fashioned Christmas celebration from 6pm to 9pm on Friday, December 11.

Throwing it back to Past Fiestas


Fiesta photos from 2009 and 2010, plus some thoughts on how it happens.

Road Trip to Hillsboro

the "other door" of the Barbershop Cafe on Main Street in HIllsboro

A micro-vacation to Hillsboro New Mexico, the picturesque and historic village about 40 minutes from Truth or Consequences.

Jetsons Puzzle

For Blackstone Hotsprings.