Pin Stripe Brushes & Pearly Watercolor Sets

You know, we’re always adding new art supplies. Most don’t get posted or even mentioned, but people who come in the store often comment on the state of “more and more.” Shop Hero / In-House Artist / Weird Window Dresser / Framer / Hospitality Professional Andrew Martinez continually manages to find new arrangements of furniture that allow for squeezing of more goods onto the shelves. And yet somehow it feels increasingly spacious in here. It’s almost eerie.

But on to the new supplies.

1) Mack “Long Bob” pinstripe brushes
This brush offering, is a modification of the Bobbo Super Quad. We are using the same mixture of hair that is offered in the Bobbo, which is a black synthetic and blue squirrel blend, but with extended hair lengths of 1 ¾ in. to 2in. We have had great success with the Bobbo brush, and have had requests for a longer hair length version. We offer this brush in four different sizes which are 000, 00, 1, and 2. With the mixture of hair that is used, this provides medium versatility for enamels as well as urethanes without compromising performance. The smaller sizes offer intricate design work capabilities coupled with very tight cornering. As you progress to the higher sizes the brush will allow you to do longer line work with thicker consistent line quality. These brushes will offer the individual a high quality striper, outliner, and scroller.

2) Pearl Ex Watercolor CD from Jacquard
12 Pearl Ex colors packaged as a watercolor palette in a mini CD case. This set is perfect for the artist on the go—just pop it into your bag and take it anywhere. Colors included in the set are: Pewter, Periwinkle, Dark Peach, White, Baja Blue, Fuchsia, Coral, Raspberry, Dark Rose, Wheat, Apple Green and Aqua.

pinstripe brushes & pearly watercolors

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