2014: A Space Pen Odyssey

By special request, we now carry FISHER SPACE PENS in a range of models, priced from $10 – $25.

Space Pens, we’re told, are built to last. And so we also have refills – medium point, blue and black.

$10 Space Pen

Our fave is the “Chrome Bullet” with (or without) a rubbery stylus to be used on touch screen devices like phones or tablets. The Bullet starts at $24 and also comes in a matte black finish. Clips sold separately. The stylus model is $25.

bullet pen open and closed


Other models in-store include “SpaceTek,” “The Apollo,” and “The Stowaway,” an itty bitty Space Pen with stylus and clip.

These pens have a story, and it’s told on the back of the blister pack:

“Paul Fisher and his Associates invented the Pressurized Space Pen in 1965 at NO COST to NASA or our government. NASA tested the Fisher Space Pens and selected them for use on all manned Space Flights.

With its sealed, pressurized ink cartridge, the Space Pen will work in the freezing cold, the boiling heat, the gravity-free vacuum of Space. It is used on all manned Space Flights – American and Russian.

Imitated but never duplicated, only the Fisher Space Pens have all of the following unique qualities that help make them more dependable:

1) The gas pressure (40 psi) forces the ink against the ball, allowing the ball to write a smooth, reliable line – even upside down.

2) Fisher’s special inks with Fisher’s precision, stainless steel, tungsten-carbide ballpoints allow Fisher pens to write longer, cleaner, and more consistently.

3) Fisher Space Pens write
a) in freezing cold of -30F
b) in boiling heat of +300F
c) in the gravity-free vacuum of space
d) underwater and over most grease.

Paul Fisher’s devotion to accuracy and his dedication to quality allow us to guarantee that your Fisher Space Pens will give you years of clean, reliable writing – even under extreme conditions.”

We invite you to come in and take a look at our selection, and test drive the pen that’s on display at the front counter.

Shout out to ROBERT for enlightening us on the coolness of Space Pens, for sale NOW at Hot Springs Frame & Art Supply.

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