Fiesta 2014, Pre-Parade Excitement

So my big idea was to get a photo of us with Judd & Marie Bradley and Olin West. I thought it might be the last year we’re all side-by-side shop owners on Broadway in Truth or Consequences, what with Marie wanting to make a break for other shores, and Olin’s tentative plans to paint in his studio at home.

But there’s a lot of mayhem on parade day – all kinds of people on the street, anticipation of being blasted by sirens, people setting up chairs to watch from the curb. I didn’t crack the whip and get the shot coordinated.

We ended up with this shot instead.

L-R, Ru, Roxy Bonsack, Drew, and Ginni (Virginia) Jones, who is running for Probate Judge. That girl’s got our vote! And not just because she stopped by the shop in a fabulous rick-racked Fiesta dress.

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