Old-Fashioned Christmas 2014

Tomorrow night, Friday December 12, is the Old-Fashioned Christmas (OFC) event in downtown T or C. We usually mix up some grog in the crockpot, thus creating a big sticky mess on the counter, but this year we’re sticking strictly to cookies. Ho ho hum.

Outside the shop, Blaize the Traveling Jewelry Maker will have her wares for sale – Blaize weaves up some sweet bracelets and necklaces from hemp, incorporating stones, “shiny beads” and other doodads into her designs. These make especially nice gift for the kids or hemp-lovers in your life.


Inside, aside from guarding the tray to make sure friends and family don’t eat all the danged cookies (mmmhm, Halloween was a free-for-all), we’ll be taking 10% off any art supply purchase (including Space Pens!).

And we’ll have some of our goofy colorful pen / pencil holders for sale ($10 each). Each one is unique, and either fuzzy wuzzy felty (NO not the kind of felt you make yourself out of wool, the kind you buy in sheets at the art supply store) or poly(ester) wolly, and if you don’t think they’re more attractive than a plain old soup can then please, just keep it to yourselves. You can put magnets on their sides to stick on notes or such; that’s how we label our pen and pencil displays, don’t ya know.


We’re all decked out, Santa’s in the window, and the mannekins are already getting down. Hope to see you downtown Friday night December 12 for OFC!

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