Truth or Consequences Art & Supplies

Greeting cards, original art and prints are available in our store.

The Truth or Consequences art scene is a bit of a mixed bag. The art on our walls reflects that! Come in and browse, we welcome anyone who wants to look around for inspiration, ideas, or just to see what we have. While we love to see what people are drawing or painting, we don’t usually take work on consignment—as you can see we’re a little full.

Take a load off, make use of the Hot Springs Frame & Art Supply Lounge, where we have a collection of Art Magazines (oldies but goodies!) on hand.

Hot Springs Frame & Art Supply Lounge

Hot Springs Frame & Art Supply Lounge

On our walls: art work by Rosabelle Morse, Moshe Koenick, Bill Boulware, SCUBA, Crockett, Dan Bern, Robert Graham, Sally Davies, Harold Joe Waldrum, William Bertrum Sharp, Danielle Lesniewski, Drue Langlois, Marcel Dzama, James Gasowski, Joshua Frankel, Susan Dillingham, Anne Winkler, Nolan Winkler, Betty Ann Pederson, Manny Simon, and Herman Raymond.

House artist: Andrew Martinez.

Artist Directory Collages by Andrew Martinez

Sierra County Artist Directory Collages – one per year for 2003 – 2014 – by Andrew Martinez

artwork by Crockett

Crockett pieces and the heel of Andrew Martinez’s Left Foot

Many items are priced; other prices are available upon request.